Points of Interest
  1. Mandiri Beach Break, this beach catches some world class barrels. It's a long stretch of beach with many sand bars to chose from which tends to stretch out the crowds. Works year round in the mornings. Good from 2 foot to 10 foot.
  2. Ujung Bocur, this world class reef point is similar to Uluwatu in Bali(less the crowd). Mainly works during the dry season with trade winds, but can get a few lucky days during the rainy season. Breaks from 3 feet up to 10 foot Hawaiian standard. Best at 4 to 6 foot.
  3. Krui Left, is a perfect little dreamy left, but on a big west swell can look like 5 foot Teahupoo. Good during dry season and fun from 2 to 6 foot. 
  4. Krui right, is a fun wave with barrels and turns just a stones throw from krui left.
  5. The Peak, well the name says it all. The peak is one of the most perfect A frame barrels on the planet. Super fun and approachable. 
  6. Jimmys, well Jimmys is truly a wave for experienced surfers only. The reef is one of the most treacherous daunting reefs you've ever seen. The wave itself is loaded with power equal to backdoor. Jimmys has a right and a left. 
  7. Honey smacks, when this wave is on it looks like Indonesian Teahupoo.
  8. Jennys is a rainy season wave and it is one of the funnest barrels on earth, but the reef getting in and out is super sharp so bring your reef shoes if want more surf time and less down time.
  9. Theres are so many spots, but those are left for those willing to explore. Cheers